Why Parents have to Grow too?

Our Kids... Growing every year, every day, every moment. In order to meet all their needs, parents will also have to grow every moment. Grow with your kids, cherish them.

The conventional methods of dealing with children are not applicable anymore. After all, it's not the same world. The cruel competitive surroundings, the many dangers caused due to exposure, and increasing diversity of cultural inclinations around us make it very crucial for us to unlearn and relearn for the sake of our precious angels. 

So, let's do it then. Let's grow for our kids.


Adorable Little Brothers

An interview with a dad whose elder child refused to accept the new baby boy. He was told by everyone that he is going to get a sister after all! How did this little fellow come along then? 

Be Aware...

When a parent lies to kids

If the parents lie in front of their kids, what’s on fire -- what’s in danger exactly? Turns out there is quite a lot. 

A read which might prove to be an eye-opener when it comes to apparently harmless fibs in front of your children.

Child Mesmerised by Stories of Christmas

Children have extremely tender hearts which are bound to get influenced by all the talk of Magic, macho Heroes with typical all consuming, all surpassing, undefeatable Heroism, and oh so amazing world of Fantasy. Is it okay for them to be ardent believers of all that they see and hear? They grow up eventually, right? Wrong. 

Threats are serious threats to little ones conscience

People around our kids for some reason love threatening them, using their fear of disappointing us, or even worse, the public scenes that we cause in anger. Threats of complaints can become serious threats to our kids' welfare unless we deal with complaints in a balanced way. 

When Anger Combines with Punishments

Punishment is as much a part of parenting as Anger is. But the combination of these two can often conjure very scary and disturbing experiences for our kids. Considering that it would be these experiences which will shape them as a human, the dire consequence ranging from phobias to emotional detachment, and with the kind of power we have over our kids, we should be very careful. 

Gender Bias

Don't Confuse Children by indirectly criticising the other gender

Sometimes, the set notions about how a child belonging to a particular gender should behave are rather silly. For a child, relating to his/her gender is important, but we have to be careful that s/he does not develop any animosity or a strong dislike and/or disrespect for the other gender. 

Money and handcuffs

In a lot of cases, even while the women are working and getting salaries deposited in their bank accounts, it's their husbands who manage the money. The reasons for this unfortunate situation could vary, but the consequence is that, even after earning money, the wife would need permission at worst and consultation at best, in order to spend or invest the money.

Ravana dussera

While it's not practically possible to protect our kids from depicting our mythological characters, or watching such skits, serials or films, it's extremely important to counsel children every now and then that so much from these ancient characters wouldn't be applicable in the contemporary context.


Children's Story

This story is Shriya's. A little girl who is a great believer of Magic! And she loves stories which have a lot of magic.  

The story of a grocery guy Raghav who helps a thirsty old man and the grateful man makes Raghav’s Pitcher magical. Not only does the pitcher refills itself but it also has magical healing powers.

And Shriya thinks, that this old man might come someday and her water bottle can become magical too. What happens when Shriya actually finds an old lady who asks her for water? Does her bottle become magical? Let's read on to find out.

Raghav and his Skates - Chalkboard

A Story with a practical Moral for little kids learning to write.

Learning And Development

A child writing with a pencil

Unlike web pages that try to give to tutorials, tips, worksheets etc. to improve bad handwriting, this article will suggest a few ideas to inspire your child instead. So that you don't push them, but pull them towards the joys of painting with words.

Yellow Play dough Elephant

Fine Motor skills are very important when it comes to writing, drawing and everything else that requires small movements of muscles. What can we do to strengthen these muscles for our kids? And have fun in the process too!