5 Ways to Improve Fine Motor Skills

5 Ways to Improve Fine Motor Skills

Why is it that some kids start writing earlier than other kids? Is it because they are more sincere than others? The rest of them are just plain naughty and don’t want to sit down maybe?

Well in most cases the answer to these questions would be no. While some exceptional kids are kinda self-inspired to write before their peers, in most of the cases it’s about the fine motor skills. The small movements which require more skill, more strength in those little fingers.

A child with well-developed motor skills will be able to write sooner. So what can we do to improve these motor skills in kids? Here are five fun ways with which you can prepare your little one.


Yellow Play dough Elephant

1. Sorting Pulses

Mix some pulses and sit to sort them with your kids. Your target of course is, to have them pick up different pulses and put them into the bowls meant for them. Start with just 50 pulses, and put some large seeds in there, like Kidney Beans (Rajma), to make the task easier for them. Don’t forget to reward them with a great round of applause after the activity is done. 

2. One Drop at a Time

We need Droppers here, Eye Droppers, or ink droppers. So, take two cups, fill one of them with water, and ask your little one to use the dropper to transfer the water from one to another one drop at a time. If it gets boring, try two cups of water, and add some food color, or turmeric in one cup. Your kids will love the patterns each colored drop makes in the plain water. Also, make him/her notice how more color is making the water darker.


Little Child Sorting Pulses
Blue Swirls
Water gets Darker with more Color



3. Modeling Little Clay Toys

Clay modeling or Play Dough modeling is a very satisfying activity. Discover the joy of handmade toys with your kids. Start with creating basic and simple shapes like a sphere or a ball, a cube, a cylinder, and move your way up to more complex shapes like pyramids and volcanoes. 

Then ask your kids to make shapes along with you, and assemble them to make small simple figures like a snowman, or a penguin, or maybe a tortoise. Then when you think your kids are ready, use small sticks, toothpicks (remember to cut their sharp edges) and try an elephant. 

Remember one thing, you toy could look terrible as far as the shape is concerned, and it’s fine, but give it some adorable expression and your kids will absolutely love the end results of their little projects. Here are some tips for that - Make eyes looking either up or down or at one side, with small dark colored play dough balls stuck over slightly larger white play dough balls. You could use googly eyes too. But seriously, hand made are more fun. Also, don’t forget to create smiles with tiny thinly rolled up play dough pieces. A smile, after all, is a curve that sets everything straight.


Play Dough Modelling - Blue Penguin
Play Dough Angry Birds - Terrance

4. Cut that Paper

Paper cutting with scissors is another activity which is great for kids. You can try safe plastic scissors which would be sharp enough to cut paper but pose no danger to little fingers.

To inspire kids, you can create little paper dolls, or a scrapbook, where you should paste all the neatly cut figures from old newspapers or magazines.

5. Finger Painting

The memories of Little colored Fingers will be imprinted on our minds forever. Make sure the colors are safe, and that your little one’s skin is not allergic to colors. And don’t expect cleanliness, neat work, or even recognizable shapes or patterns. The kids love a colorful mess! Try giving them targets, though, but be very patient. And always remember to praise their efforts.

Hope these prove to be useful for your kids. We would love to see the pictures of your projects and share your experiences. And if you come across another fun way to improve motor skills, kindly use the comment box to share with our readers.

Paper Cutting Activity
Imprint of A Little Hand

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