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Parenting Article - The amount and quality of Attention Required by Kids

We all do understand that kids falling in different age (& maturity) brackets would seek various quantity and quality of attention from their parents. What most are unable to decipher is, our kind of attention might not be something they consciously or subconsciously approve of. What exactly is required?


Parenting Tips - Grow4YourKids

Of course,  you shouldn’t be too strict on or harsh with your tiny tots, but then when exactly should we start disciplining them? Is it okay to allow them to hit and/or bully their peers, even adults before that "start-time"? If not, what are our options as parents? 

When a parent lies to kids

If the parents lie in front of their kids, what’s on fire -- what’s in danger exactly? Turns out there is quite a lot. 

A read which might prove to be an eye-opener when it comes to apparently harmless fibs in front of your children.

Child Mesmerised by Stories of Christmas

Children have extremely tender hearts which are bound to get influenced by all the talk of Magic, macho Heroes with typical all consuming, all surpassing, undefeatable Heroism, and oh so amazing world of Fantasy. Is it okay for them to be ardent believers of all that they see and hear? They grow up eventually, right? Wrong. 

Threats are serious threats to little ones conscience

People around our kids for some reason love threatening them, using their fear of disappointing us, or even worse, the public scenes that we cause in anger. Threats of complaints can become serious threats to our kids' welfare unless we deal with complaints in a balanced way. 

When Anger Combines with Punishments

Punishment is as much a part of parenting as Anger is. But the combination of these two can often conjure very scary and disturbing experiences for our kids. Considering that it would be these experiences which will shape them as a human, the dire consequence ranging from phobias to emotional detachment, and with the kind of power we have over our kids, we should be very careful. 

Chalkboard - Would such a PTM be worth it?

PTM or Parent-Teacher Meeting, or a meeting for making the parents aware of kids’ progress, problems related to the child or both. But are the PTMs such a counseling session in reality? Aren't they becoming more of a horror show for kids, and even parents? Shouldn't the teacher's desk be more than a complaint booth?

Sarcasm as a Tool

What happened when a mother used Sarcasm instead of Shouting at her misbehaving child.

Father and Son

Our parents, in general, used to shoo away their kids when they asked uncomfortable questions. If we managed, why should our kids need a different treatment? Why do we need to share our stories?

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